“Unaccompanied minors in Europe” report presented to European health ministers

Professor Anders Hjern presented his MOCHA work Unaccompanied minors in Europe: implications for the health, social and education sectors, based on the Work Package 7 MOCHA report to the European Commission, completed in August 2016.

Professor Hjern was invited to speak at the high level conference: Working together for better health and well-being:Promoting intersectoral and interagency action for health and well-being in the WHO European Region, which took place in the UNESCO building in Paris on the 7th-8th December.

This two-day event was focused on child and adolescent health in Europe. The audience consisted of representatives of the health ministries of all the 53 European countries and many international interest organisations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and Mėdecins du Monde among others. Professor Hjern was invited by the WHO Regional Office for Europe to be a part of four men and one woman panel, to talk about the current situation for refugee children in Europe. His report was very well received by all who attended.







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