National publicity for MOCHA

The MOCHA scientific work has now begun in earnest, and across the European Union our country agents are spreading the word about the importance of children’s health models, and the right of every child to access the best health care, and achieve optimum health.

Dr Indre Butienė is the country agent for Lithuania, from the University of Health Sciences, Faculty of Development in Klaipeda University. She has circulated details of MOCHA to the Lithuanian media.

Greek country agent Adamos Hadjipanayis, Assistant professor of Paediatrics at the European University of Cyprus has been letting the national press know about the Greek involvement in our project. MOCHA has been publicised in the most prominent portal for child health in the country Paidiatros.

The Italian press has also been interested in the forthcoming research work from MOCHA. Nadia Minicuci, the lead scientist in our Italian partner organisation – CNR – has been publicising the project in the CNR institution and will soon be doing so in national Italian news outlets .

In Poland, one of our key researchers, Dr Kinga Zdunek is preparing to share the aims of MOCHA with the national Polish media.






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