MOCHA presentations at MIE Manchester

MOCHA has recently returned from two very productive days at the Medical Informatics Europe conference in Manchester, UK. Three presentations were given by members of the MOCHA team. Professor Michael Rigby presented two papers on Electronic Records and the differences in how they are used in Europe.

Towards Safe and Efficient Child Primary Care – Gaps in the Use of Unique Identifiers in Europe (Grit KÜHNE, Michael J. RIGBY, Azeem MAJEED and Mitch E. BLAIR) discussed MOCHA findings about the differences in the use of identifiers of children as a basis for electronic, joined up health records throughout the life course.

Why are Children’s Interests Invisible in European National E-health Strategies? (Michael J. RIGBY, Grit KÜHNE, Azeem MAJEED,  Mitch E. BLAIR) discussed the project findings about the importance and priority given to children’s health by EU and EEA nations when devising their national e-health strategies.

Both papers can be found on our website, and also via the conference publication Informatics for Health.






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