MOCHA Final conference

MOCHA held its final conference on 15th and 16th November, in the University of Leiden at The Hague Netherlands. The event was very successful and well attended.

The conference was opened by Professor Mariëtte Bussemaker, former Education Minister, Netherlands; who has a background in paediatrics, and drew parallels with the holistic requirements of education and primary care in caring for children in every respect.

Dr Martin Weber, Head of Programme  Child & Adolescent Health, WHO European Region also addressed the conference, stressing the need for robust information about child health services and models to inform health policy.

Presentations on the MOCHA themes and main findings were given by project researchers and country agents, followed up by interesting discussion and thoughts on the next steps for this work.

The presentations can be found on the project website, and include results and discussion on key MOCHA perspectives and findings:

  • Understanding Child-Centricity;
  • Bringing MOCHA Results to Local Services;
  • Contextualising into European and Professional Initiatives


  • Invisibility of Children in Data and Policy Systems;
  • Measurement Challenges;
  • Listening to Young People;
  • Vulnerable Children and Equity;
  • Delivering Complex Care;
  • Patients and Primary Care Interfaces;
  • School and Adolescent Health Services;
  • Health Workforce in Child Health;
  • Education of the Child Health Workforce;
  • E-Health as the Enabler
  • Optimal Service Models

A comprehensive conference report describes the main findings and research work of the project, giving an in-depth commentary on the achievements of the MOCHA project, and directions to the technical deliverables and research outputs from the project.






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