Home Based Records

Our latest report on the MOCHA website looks at the use of home based records in the 30 countries of the EU and EEA. Find it here

After productive discussion with the World Health Organisation Child and Adolescent Health and Development Division, MOCHA has undertaken an in-depth investigation to find out more about the existence and use of Home Based Records in the EU and EEA countries. A home-based record (also known as a ‘parent held record’) is a record of a child’s growth, development and utilisation of public health/preventive health services. It is normally issued at birth and held by the parents.

Traditionally a paper booklet, but some countries now use digital platforms, including Citizen Patient Portals. In a home based record, a health professional adds key information about the child, but in some cases the parent(s) and other professionals also make entries.

The MOCHA Home Based Records report investigates the extent of use of such records, and how they fit into the delivery of primary care services to children in the digital age.






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