Work Package 5

This work package will identify unifying common clinical concepts and related data constructs which will enable us to compare the quality and outcome of the different models of children’s primary care in Europe.

We will seek to apply these measures using local heterogeneous data sources. To do this, we will develop key case studies that will provide representative scenarios, such as:

  • an acute infection, e.g. meningitis
  • a chronic or recurrent infection e.g. otitis media / glue ear
  • a chronic paediatric disease e.g. cystic fibrosis
  • a behavioural use case e.g. hyperactivity
  • an immunisation use case e.g. measles and/or a seasonal one such as influenza
  • governance use case e.g. how to share data about perceived failure to thrive

In addition, we will identify data concepts and constructs that can provide comparable quality and outcome measures for identified conditions and characteristics across data sets and sources. We will identify datasets from across Europe that have the potential to yield data to inform us about the comparative effectiveness of the different models of care, and enable us to assess whether analysis by socio-economic or other factors is possible. The country agents will compile information about data sets and their governance or access controls, as well as identifying if any data owners or analysts will be able to participate in action-orientated public health, biomedical and social research activities.