University of Surrey, United Kingdom

One of the leading professional, scientific and technological universities in the UK, Surrey University is actively involved in research collaborations with industrial and research partners across Europe. The Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine focuses on how to measure quality and health outcomes from routine data, quality improvement and technology trials and integrating the use of the computer into the clinical consultation.

Professor Simon de Lusignan

Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics and Chair in Health Care Management. Prof de Lusignan has over 15 years’ experience of conducting research using routine data, including a range of descriptive, interventional and evaluative studies to measure quality and health outcomes. A well experienced research with over 250 publications, the majority about the use of routine data to measure quality and health outcomes. Prof de Lusignan is also a practising GP and Director of the Royal College of General Practitioners Research and Surveillance Centre.

Professor Heather Gage

Professor Heather Gage is the coordinator of The Surrey Health Economics Centre (SHEC) in the School of Economics at the University of Surrey. SHEC undertakes collaborative interdisciplinary research in health economics and service delivery. Much of its research focuses on practical and policy-related topics, using an extensive range of analytically and empirically rigorous methodologies. The Centre has attracted multiple research grants for evaluative studies.Professor Gage’s research interests encompass many aspects of health service delivery, but particularly focus on evaluative studies and outcomes measurement. She is currently involved as economist in a variety of multidisciplinary projects funded by NHS, EU, industry and the voluntary sector. Recent work has been published in a range of health, clinical and medical journals.

Dr Ekelechi MacPepple

Dr Ekelechi MacPepple is the post-doctoral Research Fellow (Health Economist) for MOCHA. Her main interests lie in the area of Maternal and Child Health research, Health inequalities, Impact Evaluation for Development, and Economic Evaluation Methods. She will be involved in undertaking a skill set and workforce evaluation of primary health care for children in the 30 European Countries.

Dr Filipa Ferreira

Dr Ferreira is the Project Manager of the Clinical Informatics & Health Outcomes Research Group. She takes responsibility for maintaining a strategic view over the various projects and ensures that progress toward the delivery of the expected outcomes is managed and monitored; and ultimately ensure successful delivery. She determines, monitors, and reviews all projects economics to include project time & costs, projected operational costs, staffing requirements, project resources and risk. Her background is in Medical Engineering and as a Medical Physicist. She specialised in her PhD in Biomedical Imaging.

Dr Harshana Liyanage

Dr Liyanage is a Research Fellow in the Clinical Informatics & Health Outcomes Research Group. He is involved in research project involving data analytics of routine clinical data. He supports multiple research projects on semantic modelling of health care concepts using biomedical ontologies

Dr Uy Hoang