TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO)

One of the major international research and technology organisations in Europe, TNO has ample experience in monitoring health and behaviour, and systematically developing, evaluating and implementing interventions that are aimed at changing people’s behaviour or the environment in which behaviour occurs.

Dr Paul Kocken

Researcher. Dr. Paul L. Kocken is senior research scientist and epidemiologist. His research includes organization issues in the field of preventive health care and youth services, such as risk assessment methods and provision of integrated care. He is also an experienced researcher in health promotion interventions for children.

Dr Symone Detmar

Researcher. Dr. Symone Detmar has more than 30 years’ experience  in the field of health research and practice, specifically in the area of maternal and child health, with scientific and management experience. She was coordinator of several (inter)national studies in the field of perinatal screening, quality of life of children and the societal aspects of genomics research.

Dr Margot Fleuren

Researcher. Dr. Margot Fleuren specializes in research on the implementation of innovations in health care. In her research she focusses on implementation of guidelines in child and youth care, determinants of innovations and measuring the actual use of innovations.  She developed the Measurement Instrument for Determinants of Innovations.

Eline Vlasblom

Researcher. Eline Vlasblom’s interests include preventive child health care innovations and the development and implementation of guidelines and protocols. She carries out applied research projects to improve the health of young children, such as the prevention of sleeping problems, shaken baby syndrome, overweight and obesity. She is involved in several European projects and networks.