The CNR Institute of Neuroscience (CNR-IN), Padova and Rome, Italy

Part of a network of CNR research institutes across Italy, the Institute of Neuroscience (CNR-IN) and the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies (CNR-IRPPS) will work together on the MOCHA project. Research areas of expertise include methodology of research, statistical modelling, performance of systematic reviews and meta-analysis, indicators on quality of care as well as design and development of health care information systems.

Dr Nadia Minicuci

Researcher. Dr Minicuci has a PhD in Statistics and a Master in Mathematical Statistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara; a degree of Doctor of Statistics and Economics from the University of Padova. She is a contract professor of medical statistics at the University of Padova and biostatistician member of the Padova Ethics Review Board for the clinical trials. She has extensive experience with cross-country studies on ageing, focusing on the harmonization process, health outcomes and determinants across longitudinal studies. Her interests focus also on Bayesian network, path analysis and structural equation modelling.

Dr Daniela Luzi

Researcher. Dr Luzi’s research interests are in the impact of ICT on information management and the communication processes in healthcare. Within this context, main research topics are: analysis of clinical trial protocol under a semantic and structural perspective, modelling of the process using formal languages, indicators on quality of care and semantic interoperability based on standardized data model. Dr Luzi has participated in several EU projects and has been responsible for national projects where information systems were designed and developed.

Dr Fabrizio Pecoraro

Researcher. Dr Pecoraro is a Computer Engineer with a Philosophy Doctorate in Bioengineering. He held the position of assistant researcher at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Since 2007 he works as a researcher at the National Research Council – Institute of Research on Population and Social Studies, Rome Italy – where his research activities mostly focus on the following aspects: business process analysis, indicators on quality of care and data warehouse, development of conceptual models based on standard of clinical data such as HL7 and CDISC, design and development of information systems and definition of relational databases.

Dr Barbara Corso

Researcher. Dr. Corso is a Biostatistician with a degree in Statistics and Computing Technology , a master in Biostatistics and Experimental Statistics and a PhD in Public Health and Education. She is a contract professor of Medical Statistics at University of Padova and of Statistical Models for Genetics at University of Milano-Bicocca. Her research experiences focus on the implementation and application of models on cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. She is also involved in the study of the genetic of common diseases, with experience in linkage analysis, Genome Wide Association Studies and candidate gene approach.

Dr Ilaria Rocco

Fellow. Dr. Rocco is a Statistician with a master in Statistical Sciences, curriculum Socio-demographic, and a degree in Statistics and Business Management, curriculum Population and Society. Her research experiences are focus on cross-country studies on ageing, health measures and determinants of a healthy aging. Her interests focus also on Structural Equation Models, a statistical methodology that investigates the real world complexity by taking into account a number of causal relationships among latent variables.

Dr Oscar Tamburis