Medical University of Lublin (MUL), Poland

Medical University of Lublin (MUL) is one of the fastest developing research centres in Poland. It has undertaken many research projects in recent years, involving international cooperation and a high standard of research in public health.

Dr Kinga Zdunek

Senior assistant in the Public Health Department. Dr Zdunek’s interests involve the analysis of the impact of the EU on national health policy, and characterising the logical underpinning theory of the European Union influence on the Polish health policy by showing the main theoretical properties of the process and the valid rules. Dr Zdunek has cooperated with many high level institutions on a national and international level, such as the Polish Ministry for Health and the European Social Observatory in Brussels.

Ewa Kawiak-Jawor

Doctoral candidate Ewa Kawiak Jawor is a teaching and research assistant. Her research focuses on e-health and new technologis in health care organisation. Her doctoral dissertation is devoted to analsyis of the impact of sociological and psychological factors in the process of implementing electronic medical records in Poland.