Keele University

Keele is the first of the UK’s post war universities, and has a special emphasis on heath and societal issues, and on cross-disciplinary study. It has recently been ranked in the top 4% of the world’s universities, and 85% of its research is externally assessed as ‘Internationally Significant’. The Centre for Social Policy in the Research Institute for Social Sciences at Keele University conducts research in criminology and focuses on community, mobilities and identities.

Dr Helen Wells

Senior lecturer in criminology, Researcher in Centre for Social Policy. Expertise in the fields of road policing and traffic offending, within a broader topic of ‘The Crimes of the Law Abiding’. She leads a group of researchers in the UK abroad looking at such topics as illegal downloading, non-problematic drug use, theft of time and goods in the workplace, fixed penalties for a range of low-level offences, and traffic offenders.