International Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare (ISQua)

MOCHA was well represented at the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) conference in London held on the 2nd-4th October. The theme of this year’s conference was Learning at the System Level to Improve Healthcare Quality and Safety, a focus that is of high relevance to MOCHA.

Professor Michael Rigby presented a poster on Enabling Client-based Assessment of Quality of Integrated Care for both Adults and Children. Dr Kinga Zdunek presented her poster on Societal Alerts for Safe and High Quality Care for Children, which draws attention to the cultural influences on systems of primary care; and how this might affect policy decisions and, ultimately, the primary care services that support children’s good health. Both posters are available the MOCHA website.

Dr Manna Alma conducted a workshop on MOCHA’s work in talking to children and young people about their experiences of health services, and how they feel services could be better oriented to their needs. Entitled: Listening to Children’s Voices, the workshop was well received and the project gained good insight from some of the participants in the conference.

Professor Maria Brenner and Prof Mitch Blair held a workshop entitled Reconceptualising standards of care integration for children with complex care needs at the acute community interface. This draws upon the findings from MOCHA’s work into how children with complex care needs interact with primary care services, and how they can be facilitated to live with their families and in their communities. MOCHA’s investigations have led to some fascinating findings, which were explored and debated by the workshop participants