European Public Health Association (EUPHA) 2017

As in previous years, MOCHA was active in contributions to the EUPHA Annual Conference 2017, held in Stockholm, Sweden.  From Work Package 3 Dr. Danielle Jansen contributed School Health Services in 30 European countries in 2009 and 2016: what is new and what has changed?, while Dr. Kinga Zdunek’s contribution was on Societal influences on the shape of child-oriented health policy – the agents of the child as children’s voice representation.  For Work Package 8, Prof. Michael Rigby contributed a poster on Child Health Informatics – a Neglected Area of European E-Health Activity.  All received considerable interest from those involved in child health matters.

The last and main contribution was a workshop on the core MOCHA topic of Appraising Primary Care for children and adolescents in Europe – are we measuring the right things?  This was chaired by Danielle Jansen, with contributions from Michael Rigby, and Dr. Oscar Tamburis on behalf of the CNR team in Rome.