MOCHA final conference

Our large EU Horizon 2020 Research Project has for three years been working to identify and critically assess all aspects of primary health care provision for children of all ages in the 30 EU and EEA countries.  The work by 20 scientific partners concludes at the end of November, based on evidence from all 30 countries and external sources. This concluding event will share the headline results, introduce the formal reports, and enable stakeholder discussion on next steps after the project’s conclusion.

Presentations on key MOCHA Findings

  • Invisibility of Children in Data and Policy Systems;
  • Measurement Challenges;
  • Listening to Young People;
  • Vulnerable Children and Equity;
  • Delivering Complex Care;
  • Patients and Primary Care Interfaces;
  • School and Adolescent Health Services;
  • Health Workforce in Child Health;
  • Education of the Child Health Workforce;
  • E-Health as the Enabler
  • Optimal Service Models

The Way Forward for Primary Child Care Health in Europe

  • Understanding Child-Centricity;
  • Bringing MOCHA Results to Local Services;
  • Contextualising into European and Professional Initiatives

The conference will take place on November 15th and 16th in the Auditorium, University of Leiden – Schouwburgstraat, Schouwburgstraat 2, 2511 VA, The Hague, The Netherlands