08th Annual Children’s Nursing Research Conference

Our WP2 team in Dublin had a large presence at the 8th Annual Nursing Research Conference in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in Dublin on the 20th March 2018. The theme of the conference was Transforming Children’s Nursing Practice through Innovative Research and Quality Improvement. As such it was very pertinent to the groundbreaking work carried out by the MOCHA team at Trinity College Dublin, who are examining the interface between primary and other forms of health care for children with complex care needs. At the conference, Associate Professor Maria Brenner presented A vision of care for children with complex needs: a European perspective. In addtion, the WP2 team gave an oral presentation: R McHugh, P Keilthy, A Warters, M O’Shea, E Montanano, M Brenner – Social care needs of children with acquired brain injury and their family: an integrative review; and a poster presentation: M O’Shea, P Larkin, J Berry, E Montanano Olaso, R McHugh, M Brenner – Exploration of the mechanisms supporting preventative screening, developmental assessments and referral of children with intractable epilepsy across Europe: A MOCHA study.