MOCHA invited to important European meeting

On 1st and 2nd October 2015, Dr Maria Brenner will represent MOCHA at the meeting of the coordinating committee of the European Association of Children in Hospital (EACH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr Brenner is a lecturer at University College Dublin in Ireland, and coordinator of Critical Care Nursing (Children’s) at the University. She leads MOCHAs investigation into the interface of primary health care with secondary, social and complex care services in Europe. She was invited to present a summary of the MOCHA project at the prestigious EACH conference and to discuss how the MOCHA project can possibly cooperate with, and benefit from, the work of EACH in the future.

MOCHA first annual meeting

On the 20th and 21st October, the first meeting of all partners in the MOCHA project will take place in London.

Over 90 delegates from all partner countries, country agents from 30 countries and partners from the United States and from Australia will meet to discuss the initial first research elements of the MOCHA project and how we will work together. Many of us have worked together before, but for some it is an introduction to the rich knowledge and experience that the partners bring to the project.

On the first day of the meeting, members of the different work packages will meet together to discuss the direction of the initial research, including meeting the first few deliverables of the project, and which data is required of the country agents in the first instance. Health systems have a massive influence on the lives and health of the children of Europe and this process will ensure that investigation is incisive and beneficial to these children.

On the second day of the international meeting, the project will be officially launched. The afternoon will see the country agents meeting together to compare how their work differs in each country; and discuss the process of how the workload will be managed by the project. The External Advisory Board will also meet to discuss how they will function as an overview of the research work, providing guidance as to validity and reliability of the results, and validating research questions that the project will pose to the country agents.