Planning a healthy future for Europe’s population

The MOCHA project has spent three years identifying and critically assessing the differing models of child primary health care that are used across Europe.

Why? Children’s health is important for Europe’s future. Today’s children are citizens, future workers, future parents and future carers. Children depend on good health services. But these are structured differently throughout the European Union, and there is little research into what works best. To help every child benefit from optimum health care, the MOCHA project is performing a systematic, scientific evaluation of the types of primary health care that exist.

How? The MOCHA scientific team are from 11 European countries, and are joined by experts from Australia and the United States. We have drawn on expertise from networks in child health, previous children’s health projects and knowledge from local agents in different European countries to build a picture of what type of primary health care for children exists in all 30 EU/EEA countries.

The disciplines encompassed by the project include medicine, nursing, economics, informatics, sociology and policy management. Emphasising prevention and on wellness.

The MOCHA project concludes at the end of November. Our final event took place in The Hague, Netherlands. Our headline results were presented and discussed, and a formal conference report was produced.

Download the Conference Report

Presentations on key MOCHA Findings

  • Invisibility of Children in Data and Policy Systems;
  • Measurement Challenges;
  • Listening to Young People;
  • Vulnerable Children and Equity;
  • Delivering Complex Care;
  • Patients and Primary Care Interfaces;
  • School and Adolescent Health Services;
  • Health Workforce in Child Health;
  • Education of the Child Health Workforce;
  • E-Health as the Enabler
  • Optimal Service Models

The Way Forward for Primary Child Care Health in Europe

  • Understanding Child-Centricity;
  • Bringing MOCHA Results to Local Services;
  • Contextualising into European and Professional Initiatives

Watch a video interview about the MOCHA project with Professor Michael Rigby ( Deputy PI) and Dr Denise Alexander (Research Coordinator) *

* Thank you to the Quality of Childhood Working Group at the European Parliament in Brussels